The Smiths Remastered Albums for September Release

  • September will see the release of all the Smiths albums.

    Johnny Marr and master engineer Frank Arkwright have re-mastered the whole catalogue.

    The Smiths (Studio, 1984)

    Hatful Of Hollow (Compilation, 1984)

    Meat Is Murder (Studio, 1985)

    The Queen Is Dead (Studio, 1986)

    The World Won’t Listen (Compilation, 1987)

    Strangeways, Here We Come (Studio, 1987)

    Louder Than Bombs (Compilation, 1987)

    Rank (Live, 1988)

    Johnny has been quoted as saying.

    “I’m very happy that the remastered versions of The Smiths albums are finally coming out.

    I  wanted to get them sounding right and remove any processing so that they now sound as they did

    when they were originally made. I’m pleased with the results.”

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