Johnny Marr guests with Nile Rodgers and Chic at Manchester’s Parklife

  • Johnny delighted thousands in his home city of Manchester on SaturdayJune 9 by turning up on stage at the Parklife Weekender to join Nile Rodgers and Chic for ‘Le Freak’.

    Afterwards  Johnny spoke with NME. Asked if they’d be working together in the studio, Johnny said “I think it could easily happen, my situation has always been exactly the same as Nile’s in that I’ve always made records with people I’ve become friends with and have something in common with and me and Nile have that.”   The pair first met and performed together last November in Manchester at The Warehouse Project. “Nile’s music was a game changer for me in 1978 when I was finding my guitar style, he’s a huge influence.”

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