Johnny Marr in Pitchfork on Dusty Springfield, Faust, the Stooges and more.

  • Johnny’s interview with Pitchfork talking about the songs and albums that made an impact on him throughout his life, five years at a time.

    When the Smiths broke up in the summer of 1987– after having produced five full-lengths and a host of singles– Johnny Marr was only 24; Morrissey had recently turned 28. That they had accomplished so much in so little time was a testament to both their deep well of creativity and the fact that they were both committed students of pop history. They knew exactly what kind of music they wanted to make and they made it, quickly and brilliantly. And then they called it quits. The Smiths have never really gone away but they’ve returned to the musical conversation in a big way since the release of The Smiths Complete, the box set from last year that saw their proper albums and assorted singles collections returning in remastered form (the new transfers were overseen by Marr). Originally available only in the box, the remasters have now been issued individually.

    So what do you do when you finish your tenure with one of the greatest bands in pop history and you’re only 24 years old?

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