Johnny Marr ‘Strum and Drang’ Raw Sounds Element

  • Johnny made this ‘Strum and Drang’ movie for the Ray-Ban raw sounds project, here is  Johnny’s description of the movie.

    I made a little movie called ‘strum and drang’ which is again a European reference. It seemed a little silly for me to collaborate with some musicians and not to have my guitar playing involved, but I wanted not to be obvious so I made a movie without my head on, it’s me playing this looped riff round and round that I tried to compose so any of the bands could maybe take a piece of it – they could slow it down or speed it up, chop it up or discard it, don’t even have to use it – but again I like the idea of not pretending that we live in a modern world, so if I’m asked to be a contemporary rock musician, I didn’t want it to be like, oh this sort of iconic guy from the 80s.

    So I thought how can I present this music to the bands in a modern way – what’s the way I can offer a guitar part to a group without me walking in with my sunglasses on and plugging into an amp and saying ‘let’s jam!’. And that’s to put it on the Internet. So I thought, I’ll make a movie but without my head on it, so it’s just my arms and I’ll give each of the bands a link…

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